A Curious Customer Service Moment


This is a true story. Last Sunday, a few couples got together at our house, to watch the Super Bowl. Dinner and drinks followed and, a friend of mine, whom I have known for umpteen years, began telling us all a story. It seems that earlier in the day, he…

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Three Tips to Writing Great Emails


Many proprietors write emails like they are advertisements. They post when they have something to sell for a holiday, a school’s out event, a seasonal company party, a bowling tournament, a “unique league” or some open play special. While these may be all well and good, the odds are that…

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In an attempt to gain the trust of prospective customers we often resort to simply telling them about our product’s features and benefits. While describing value might seem like the easiest way to communicate it, the simplest strategy isn’t always the most compelling one. When value is demonstrated rather than…

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Here Comes Summer


With the start of 2017, you know and I know that the busiest months are just ahead, but it is also the opportune time to start your planning for summer. I know. I know. You don’t want to hear about that yet, because you’re up to your eyeballs, but if…

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When Everybody Agrees With You

Good job!

You’re the owner, the boss, the manager and you float an idea past your entire staff. And everyone agrees. No doubt that what is being decided upon has an element of confusion…or they’re all scared to disagree with you. If you find that situation happening far too often, you have…

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The everyday anxiety of a stutterer, of which I still consider myself one, despite the many, many seminars and speeches I have given still haunts me It is the daily angst of asking for directions, or a quart of milk or sometimes even to say Hello which   causes my stomach…

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It never ceases to amaze me how many startup and small business owners and bowling proprietors continue to believe the – mostly online –regurgitation by so-called ‘experts’ about how they should be marketing their business. As a marketer I see part of my job as keeping up with trends, ideas,…

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Your Marketplace Has Shifted


It’s already happened to you. Like your business, many markets have a base (people seeking a solution to a problem). In your case, it’s League Bowlers. The market also has a middle, (people seeking something new, something original or something a little better). In your case, its open play bowlers. …

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Pricing for the Holidays

Little toddler girl with mother on Christmas market.

Getting your pricing right is one of those things that everyone struggles with at some point.  You do and I do. Are we charging too little? Are we charging too much? What is the guy down the street charging? We constantly ask these questions, but the real question we should be…

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