Summer of Our Youth

Alice Cooper said it best…. “School’s out forever, School’s out for summer School’s out with fever, School’s out completely.”

Remember that feeling? Getting out and all that you have looked forward to, since that deep and dark December, was coming true; getting outside in a full run; your smile in a perpetual state and then breaking thru the gray clouds into SUMMER was a once-a –year-to-be-treasured-feeling. It was “The Great American Road trip or Flight Line”. Or bus trip. Or train ride. Or one or two week vacation at the seashore or in the mountains. Or just stay at home trip. To us, summer was more freedom than we could imagine…until the next summer.

With 4,000 commercial bowling centers in the country, it is estimated that 53 million kids between the ages of 5 and 13 years of age can bowl. In fact that’s 13,250 kids per center. 1% penetration gives is 133 kids per center in the summer.

So what’ the offer we need to sustain? Two companies in the bowling industry have created electro-magnetic offers.

People respond to offers. Honest offers. Offers with value. For two of the best new product offers in bowling that are, I believe “game changers”, check out and Both of these companies know a thing or two about internet marketing. As an investor in one and a consultant to the other, I really believe in these companies. Hundreds of thousands of adults have been registered in BR. Hundreds of thousands of kids have been registered in KBF.

Use your emails and If you’re not sure your emails are being read (only 15% to 30% are being read if they are not optimized) , then you might want to checkout www.;; , or

All you really want is a template for emails and a way to look cool in front of 53 million.

Wherever they will be, we will have to reach them. Make it the best email campaign of the summer of the summer. And if you want to respond I will blog you back; kaploe marketing group 212.867.2577 office

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