The Good. The Bad. And The Ugly

This is the story about a good customer service experience and a bad customer service experience from the same company, all in about a space of 37 minutes.

On a recent business trip, I was slowly making my way from Toronto to NYC, when a severe thunderstorm interrupted those plans and caused me to get canceled out of a connecting flight from Philadelphia to NYC. I quickly jumped on my cell phone and within a pretty short time was able to get a hotel room at the local airport as well as make train reservations to see a client in Annapolis the following day

In a fairly agitated state of mind, I told the Fairfield INN reservation lady my plight and asked for a room at the Inn. She proceeded to give me all the guarantee information and “if I should cancel I would be charged”. She paid absolutely no attention to the fact that it was 1235am and I needed a room NOW; not after 6pm on the same day. When she made the reservation for me, she again repeated the corporate policy. I interrupted her and said, “thank you but I know all that”. Her reaction? A very curt good bye accompanied by a very abrupt “hang up”. Click and she was gone.

At that point, I did not know where to catch the shuttle bus to the hotel, what terminal I was at or when the driver would be coming to pick me up. A quick call to the Inn and they reassured me where to get picked up and that the driver would be on his way.

Once at the hotel, check in proceeded . As I inserted my key into the room and opened the door I saw two people were “kind of” sleeping there. After the appropriate screams, I went back to the desk manager and told him what had just occurred. The manager was mortified and immediately called the room, personally apologized to the people and told them he would give them a remunerative credit. He offered me an upgraded room at the same cost, apologized profusely and gave me a credit for a future stay.

Great service and bad service from the same company in one short period. The “good” was negated by “The bad”. How often does that happen in your business?

To be remarkable, you have to be consistently consistent.

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