A Day in The Life of The Internet

Some of us never realize how big the internet really is or how big it has become, so being the statistical geek that I am, I thought I would share some of this with you; kind of a friendly reminder of its importance and how much you and I have to learn every day just to stay in the game

Factoid #1: Over 210 billion emails are sent out every day…MORE THAN A WHOLE YEARS WORTH of letter mail. There are only 5 billion people in the world!!

Factoid #2: 3 million IMAGES ARE UPLOADED TO FLIKR every day; enough images TO FILL A 375,000 page photo album.

Factoid #3: Every day, information sent over the mobile telephone networks, if SAVED TO DISCS, IT WOULD TAKE 9.2 million disks, 1.7 million blu-ray disks and 63.9 trillion diskettes a day.

Factoid #4: 700,000 NEW FACEBOOK MEMBERS ARE BEING ADDED EVERY DAY; the approximate population of Guyana. 45 million status updates are recorded daily vs. 5 million tweets per day.

Factoid #5: 900,000 articles are POSTED DAILY BY BLOGGERS like me

What it means is obvious – what you actually do about “this new game” is another thing. Having a website and an email address is no longer enough.

The game is changing again. The rules are different.

Read more than ever before. I will pass on some books to you that are great reads for you to “bone up” on and will stimulate your creative juices. When you get finished with them, give them to other people in the center to read. Get them into it. Brainstorm new ideas.

Just remember, this new technology; these social networks that we speak of; they are all about building relationships, trust and honesty.

…and then you can sell them something that you KNOW YOUR NETWORK MAY WANT.

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