One of my followers dropped me a comment that this was originally a blank post. I am not quite sure how that happened, but no doubt it did, because I am editing it as I’m thinking.

I was going to write about an idea I had called “tryitvertising”.

Simply stated, every 3 months, you sell your customer, via email, a pass for $5. This pass entitles the customer (and up to x# of people?) to get1 hour of bowling and shoe rentals.

Why would you do this?

Because it just might activate someone who has not been in the center in a while (remember, the average open play customer only comes to your center twice in one year!!) and you just might get the opportunity to sell that customer on the benefits of a specific short season league you are trying to form or get their interest on a about a special event.

Each pass would have a 3 month expiration and once it was gone, it is gone. This would be set up as an automatic bill that hits the customer’s credit card every 3 months. No hassle for you, easy for the customer.

The customer must sign up for a minimum of 4 passes. So lets assume that 500 customers sign up for this; that would be $10,000 annually coming in over the internet? Bang, you have a money making machine while you sleep!

Any “triers” out there?

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  1. Nice post Freddie! What did you say????

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