12 Skills A New Hire Must Have

If I was Mr. BPAA, I would make sure every proprietor, every manager, every assistant, every cook, every chef and bottle washer, every mechanic, every porter, every bartender and waitress knew enough about the Internet to be able to offer you suggestions and ideas on how to build your business or retain existing customers. I don’t care what position they have. In this economic environment, it is every employee’s responsibility to help build new business and help to retain exisitng customers. Every employee would be certified by the BPAA and would have to know how to:

1.Download music
2.Put up a video
3.Post a blog
4.Set up and use his facebook page
5.Edit a web page
6.Be fluent in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point
7.Use Twitter to promote the owner’s business
8.Create a Facebook ad
9.Send text messages
10.Know how to use photo shop to edit pictures
11.Write a grammatically correct sentence
12. Give great customer service consistently

Imagine if you found someone like this, do you think teaching her bowling would be difficult. Heck No.

This “Millennium Generation” was born and built for microchips. Their need for connectivity and for getting answers when they want it is paramount. Being connected is not an option for them. It is a way of life. (“Thank You Google”). Anyone this age who does not have these skills must immediately take classes to get up to speed.

Just don’t hire them until they have completed and passed their course work!

So if you feel like you’re barely hanging on to the caboose of the technology train, go back and take some classes. Just because your son or daughter knows this stuff cold doesn’t mean that you can sit on the sidelines and “let them do it.”

Its a brave new technological world out there.
Go get into the game

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