Technology Atatcks

Sometimes you just can’t win for trying.

For the last week, I have been trying to write my blog, but the private (and customized) mail server I have been using has bounced many of them all and, of course, my techie guy is on a vacation with his beautiful Brazilian girlfriend in Turks and Cacaos. thus, I have been scrambling to get this blog out to you. I hope for those of you who have missed some of my “pearls of wisdom” 🙂 that you catchup on some of my recent blogs.

The techie guy split and his last words to me as I dropped him at the airport were, “uh, we might have had this problem for a while. See you next Sunday. Bye.” And off he went. Its good I didn’t crash the Saab I was screaming so loudly.

So friends, I don’t know how long it has been since last you received one of my blogs and for this I am terribly sorry, but hope these will reach you in fine fashion.

Which brings me to my subject. I would not have known about this problem, if I had not done a little research and asked some people, as I frequently do, to provide me with some feedback on recent blogs. When they said “what blogs, haven’t seen one recently”, I could tell there was a problem. Unfortunately, I found out about it after the fact.

But you can avoid this kind of problem.

First, put yourself on every email that you send out; every facebook ad or post you create and every communication or direct mail that you send. Be the customer. How does it feel to get your mailing piece, email or other communication?

Second, get yourself a reliable email distribution system that you can test repeatedly to make sure that information you send isn’t being bounced back…and you’re not getting any feedback.

Third, if you’re going to have a custom program built (like i did), make sure that your techie guy is aware of the importance of your communication and he tests it for you at least once per week. I now have the ability to send personalized blogs to all of you, which is something that Constant Contact or Icontact cannot do and I also have the ability to create my own templates without going to their customer support center all the time, all the time, all the time!!

Fourth, and this is the most important…keep asking customers for feedback. Use your emailing ability to send out surveys asking people if they are interested in LTB classes, short season leagues, fund raisers, etc. You’ll be surprised at how much feedback and lead generation you get.

Fifth, hire a techie who does NOT have a beautiful Brazilian girlfriend, doesn’t like the Caribbean Islands, is afraid to fly and has no life. He’ll always be by your side.

And finally I have to wait for my techie guy to get back to fix the graphics on the blog and I hope you’ll understand that “we are renovating, so pardon our dust.”

Thank You for your patience.

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  1. I think another necessity is to have good, reliable tech equipment. You don't need a Mac Pro, but you do need some good printers, computers, and databases. Become familiar with all of the Google apps – not only are they helpful (check out Google translate for example)- but they are the future. A good example of a good database is CONVIO. It's a correspondence database which has a databank of email addresses which can be put into groups and can track how many emails each user receives. Check it out – it's very user friendly and, most importantly, has tech support on hand 24/7!

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