Yin and Yang

My Grandmother used to say, as many of your Grandmothers might have said, “your greatest strength is your greatest weakness.” I really never paid it much attention, but as I got older I realized what she meant.

Time and time again, I would meet people who were well organized, buttoned up and great detail people. In fact, their attention to detail was almost fanatical. And we all know the devil is in the details.

But as great a strength as this was, they often bogged projects down to the point of strangulation. Nothing moved. So attuned were they to the details and getting it “perfect” that they frequently missed or barely made important deadlines; deadlines that could have, and sometimes did, cost them many dollars.

If your greatest strength is in teaching and coaching employees, your greatest weakness may be that while you are coaching and training, you may not be allowing the employee enough time to learn to “just do it” and, therefore, do his/her job.

If your greatest strength is “the numbers” of the business, you may be so immersed in the numbers that you are paying less attention to the kind of customer service your people are delivering. And its the level of service that ALWAYS makes the numbers happen.

On the flip side you may be keenly aware of your weaknesses, but not so aware of your strengths. Look for the weaknesses to give you clues about your strengths and then focus on those…all the while understanding the flip side.

Its the Yin and the Yang.

As a sidebar…

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