9 Secrets To Building Cosmic Bowling Lineage

Reports from around the country indicate that cosmic bowling has picked up as we get deeper into the season. Problem is that the season is about to slow down and as the weather gets nicer so will your cosmic bowling.

Here are 9 secrets I use to keep our cosmic moving:

1. Make sure that your cosmic bowling has at least someone who can act as a master of ceremony. If this person isn’t on your staff, a local college may have acting, communications or speech majors looking for a little extra work.

2. Try to encourage staff,working that night, to dress up in funny hats, costumes or anything that the customer would see as “fun”. Give out funny red noses to customers. just because!

3. Run a few different contests like crazy bowl, music trivia contest and red pin head pin or 3 6 9 strikes.

4. Conduct some 80’s theme nights or 70’s theme nights and give the customer pricing that is 70% or 80% of your price

5. Direct mail every week. send out 300 to 500 postcards every week to your 15 to 34 mailing list offering a $5 discount off your price. If you don’t have a list, go buy a list of people in this age category in your zip codes who have shown some interest in sports, music or entertainment. Check www.Infousa.com

6. Send out emails every other Thursday (and Twitter) to tell your prime segment about upcoming cosmic events in your center. Build the fun on Facebook with questions about music and entertainment; and referencing that correct answers will win a prize at your center during Cosmic night.

7. About once a month, hire a local band. Give them the gate ($5 to $10 per person) You keep the bowling, food and beverage proceeds.

8. Set up Facebook ads and budget about $50 per day for at least one week to 10 days per month.

9. Look at your cable TV for great buys over the summer. Spots in good day parts can be had for less than $20 in most markets (MTV, Comedy, E, Cartoon, Spike, etc) advertise on Wednesday through Friday. minimum of 30 spots.

…And one more. Keep thinking of ways to make your cosmic more fun. Ask your staff. Ask your customers.

Party on!

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