Eco Logic Time

My friend, Jon Perper – a proprietor of multi-bowling centers in the South Jersey area,  took me to a “:green meeting” today involving the use of green products in Restaurants. I thought it was a neat idea and began asking some of the restaurateurs how valuable these ‘green” products are to building their business.

Their responses were fast and furious.

First they all agreed that green products can be leveraged by green marketing and everybody, except for the few curmudgeons out there, would prefer to do business with a “green company” simply because it makes them feel good.

Secondly, just because they use green products doesn’t mean they don’t have to tell people about it. Its a unique benefit that one restaurant can have over another for attracting more environmentally conscious customers; usually better educated, more income and more frequent diners and take out people

Third, employees feel better about working at a place that respects the environment and has clear and enforceable policies about energy management, sanitation, food preparation, detergents and cleaning fluids  With all of this good stuff, employees happily pass along this information to their customers who in turn feel good about themselves and invariably tell their friends about the “green restaurant” in the neighborhood”

Fourth, these restaurants also get the benefits of being the ones people will call upon for fund raising, company parties and events because these organizations want to ALSO demonstrate their  social responsibility to their membership, employees or donors.

Gee, do you think bowling centers could get into this and make it work for them.

Please let me know what you think?

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