9 League Building Action Steps You Can Do Right Now

Its almost here.

The thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.

What will your fall leagues look like?

Here’s some last minute things you can do to get closer tot he “thrill’ than the “agony”.

1. Did you call every league bowler from last year; not just secretaries or captains?

2. Did you ask every league bowler if they knew of anyone else that might want to bowl in a league this year?

3.  Did you contact the dropouts from the last two years and offer them a new option to bowl; maybe a short season league or a gift of $xx towards new equipment?

4.  Have you diligently done lane to lane solicitation of summer bowlers, open play bowlers and junior bowlers?

5. Have you created enough short season league offerings to goon the floor in late September or early October and targeted these to your Kids Bowl free data base list?

6.  Have you used your existing data base list to promote specific leagues for specific segments?

7.  Do you have signage in your center about teams that need members or leagues that need teams?

8. Have you done an outside sales blitz to area businesses and retail stores offering them a “League of Your Own”; a short season 8 to 10 week format that offers a premium like a ball, satin jacket or bowling shirt?

9. Have you established  a junior registration day to invite kids and parents into the center to sign up for your junior leagues and, secondarily, to pitch the parents on a short season social and fun league?

Touch all the bases and you will score!

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