The 7 Questions (and Answers) to a Successful Facebook Campaign

I have received lots of questions  asking about Facebook marketing. Seems like users results aren’t what they expected. So I did  a little research and came up with 7 questions you have to ask (and answer) before starting a Facebook campaign

Question 1.  When is the best time to post?. The posts that receive the highest interaction rates are those posted on weekends and off peak hours (2pm to 5am) receive the highest interaction rates.  Thursdays have the lowest interaction rates.

Question 2. How many times should I post per day? Surprisingly, frequent posts increase the interaction rates. Unsubscribe rates go up after three (3) posts per day. Find the balance between optimizing interaction rates and unsubscribes. I would suggest no more than one post per day.

Question 3. What type of content gets the most interactions?  Here they are in descending order:  Photos, video, music and links.  Links are the most posted option, but receive the least interaction, while photos the highest. conclusion: include photos in your email posts…always!

Question 4. Should I ask fans to “like” or ‘comment” on my post?   Absolutely.  according to a study by Momentus Media Inc (they analyzed almost 50,000 page post comparing interactions for posts with “like” or “comments”), it was reported that  interaction rates increased 216% for posts with “like” or “comment”. 

Question 5 . Should I ask my fans questions? You’d think by asking questions you would get a higher interaction rate, but that isn’t necessarily the case.  Instead, post questions and THEN ASK fans for comments.

Question 6. How long should my status messages be?  Size does matter. While there is a higher posting rate for shorter posts (140 characters for twitter and Facebook, please note that interaction increases as the length of the status message increases.  The old axiom, “short copy tells and long copy sells” is as true today as when the axiom was invented, way back in 1918…the dawn of direct mail!!

Question 7. How long do posting stay in the Newsfeed.  In the first HOUR of  a Facebook post, half of all the interactions you are going to get will occur in the first hour. You will reach 90% of  all clicks with in nine (9) hours of the post going live.

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