Something’s Happening Here

“There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man with a gun over there. Telling me I got to beware                                                                                                                                                                            Buffalo Springfield
I’m not sure when this song was recorded, but somewhere in my 70’s memory I recall it. Now seeing the “Occupied Wall Street” demonstration, (getting bigger every day) I am reminded of this song. Yes, there is something happening here and I am not exactly clear.
But most definitely, it is forming, perhaps not quite like a Tsunami, but definitely a major wave of change to our system is beginning to manifest itself. 

From Wall Street to Los Angeles, sea to shining sea, occupiers are taking to the streets. No longer is it credible to say of protests and massive civil unrest abroad “It will never happen here.” To do so today would be a denial of reality. It is here…wherever that “here” may be for you. And if it is not, it soon will be.

In the 21st century, we use terms like “open source architecture” to define how a group of people build a software program or even an encyclopedia.  

If anyone would have told you back in the early 90’s that the Encyclopedia Britannica would be dwarfed by a new encyclopedia called WIKIPEDIA and constructed, added to and modified every day by a bevy of people doing it for FREE, you would have said that is impossible to comprehend.In fact, where is the Encyclopedia Britannica?  Where is Microsoft’s encyclopedia, Encarta?  Gone! Even to this day it is impossible to comprehend that millions of people have devoted endless hours to building this “open source” product. And continue to do it even as I write this blog.

What is happening on Wall Street is no less a phenomenon. People are building the “movement” every day. At first it was viewed as another display by malcontents and have-nots.  Some were even referred to as “hippies” Yikes.But then something happened. People from around the country started to show up at Zuccotti Park near Wall Street and the “movement” began to form.  Even the Iranian clerics are posting this as “America’s Spring”, which they claim, will bring the downfall of American capitalism.  Pretty heady stuff from a world away. 

For many Americans, this is quite a confusing time. Frightening, even. They know something is happening here…but they don’t know what it is. And that includes many of them in the occupying camps themselves. They know they are angry…that they have been dealt a rotten hand…that they are the “have-nots.” But they don’t know why…or who to blame. Then, along comes an “open source” movement. They didn’t even know such a thing existed a few weeks ago. But they are drawn to its energy and their fellow downtrodden within it. The see that it is going somewhere, doing something. It is on all the news channels and in the paper. And now they are neck deep in it, swept along with the tides of change, resistance and revolution. 

Lets keep an eye on this; who knows what effect it will have on our lives, our families or our business. What do you think?  What kind of effect do you think this “movement” could have? 

I will keep you posted from “something happening here land.”

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