A Reader Writes About My Blog “Ah, Whats One More Lost Sale”

Last week, I wrote a post about losing one more sale because the customer service people did not know how to respond to an inquiry generated by a proprietor’s social media initiatives.commented that “maybe the proprietor should have spent as much time on training his staff to answer customers’ questions a she did on social media”. One comment that came back to me is as follows and i wanted to share it with you.
I guess everything old is new again 🙂 
Comment by Rob McNaughton 16 hours ago
Being the “longtimer” that I am, I remember a BPAA Convention in 1981 or 82 in San Diego I think that was themed “Back To Basics”. I’m not sure we ever learned the basics properly as an industry. We must learn to plan and communicate first to our entire staff, plan and coordinate with our entire staff, solicit input from our entire staff and make the entire staff be a part of the promotion and a part of the center itself.
Implementation and execution of the plan involves everyone in the center. A novel idea? I think not but one we seem to “misremember”. Here we are talking about getting back to the basics thirty years later.  Good post Fred!!

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