Some Assembly Required

It’s that season when a box of toys becomes a project. The warning label on the box, “some assembly required’ really means“ prepare yourself to read instructions that were translated into English and not translated very well, making your job of assembly more arduous and somewhat daunting task.”
“Some assembly required” is just work.
Isn’t that true of our businesses? Isn’t “some assembly required” for the work we do? 
Whether we produce a product a service, an experience, or a lifestyle, we are always into “some assembly required.”
“Some assembly required” means getting it done and to get the work done (we all have great ideas, it’s getting it done that’s important is something I have heard from proprietors for many a year) you only have to do two things:
First, set a deadline to get the task done. Set penalties for not getting it done (a $5 penalty for the owner and $2 penalty for the employee who misses the deadline).  This money will go to a charity, but more importantly it will tell the proprietor who is getting it done, who is taking it seriously and who really gives a damn…including the proprietor.  Post the results. Eventually the non performer will either start to perform better, quit or get fired.
Second, hold meetings every week and have the team members report their progress of meeting the deadlines for their tasks.  Eventually peer pressure will force them to perform or to quit.  In either case, you win.
T’is the season.  Some assembly required. 
Set it up for January and February league starts.

Do it now. Christmas is almost here.

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