What Are We Missing?

With all the talk about book stores, as a brick and mortar business, going the way of Woolworth, it is surprising to note that book sales, at independent retailers, have reached an all time high during this holiday season.  When once the mighty Kindle or Nook or I Pad were predicted to make book stores obsolete, the numbers proved those who predicted this trend absolutely wrong.

Some will point out that the closing of Borders forced people to buy books at independent stores.  Others will say that  these electronic marvels don’t have the breadth of choice that the retailer has; nor do they have the element of  “touch and feel.”

Reports about this phenomenon suggest that people really like books. Actual paper and hard cover books. Even paperbacks.  They like to turn the pages; to be able to book mark their place with their favorite bookmarks; to write in the margins and to write dedications in the front.

Simply stated, I think people still like this “Old Fashioned” feel in the same way they like the traditions of holiday cards, the tradition of gifts rather than gift cards (although gift cards are at an all time high). Interestingly, personal stationery sales are also at an all time high, even in the age of the Internet, email, text message, twitter post and instant messaging.

Doesn’t bowling have that kind of traditional fun and nostalgic feel intrinsic in its entertainment value?  How many times have you spoken to someone on a plane or at a meeting or at a party and heard them say, “We went bowling for the first time in years. I forgot how much fun it was!”

Yet, I can’t find a proprietor who is talking about this in their blogs, their Facebook posts or even on their websites.  Or even, if they do it all, in their media advertising.

Maybe we are missing something here.  What do you think?

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  1. Dad – as an employee of the largest library system in the world, and as a future librarian, I must say that people cling to books for more reasons than "they like the old fashioned feel of a book." Frankly, a lot of people cannot afford e-books and are afraid they are going to get stolen even if they do have them. However, I do see your point – in a time that seems so backwards politically and economically, people may grasp onto remnants of less-complicated times – which includes an afternoon at the library or local bowling facility. Maybe there is a way to capitalize on this by promoting bowling in an old-timey way. Bring back some vintage advertising. People will love it and it will spread good feelings all around. Then, once they have had a great afternoon bowling, they can go sign up for a library card….

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