Focus and Balance

We talk about focus, the importance of being one dimensional,  gritting our teeth and getting the job done come hell or high water. Professional athletes, physicians, and tech people – almost everyone talks about focus as the key element in working your career, your life and your relationships. 
Yet 3 out of 4 Americans wear some type of corrective eye wear; either eyeglasses (64%) or contact lenses (11%). I find it ironic that in a nation that values focus, 75% of us need some type of corrections just to “see”; we’re not even close to “focus” yet.
To the word focus, we add “balance”; that has been popularly defined as the ability to, if not equally, divide our lives into “time zones” where we strive to spend about the same time in each zone such as career/work, home, alone, and of course family time zone. Yet 68% of Americans are considered over weight. I find it ironic that we strive for balance, even though most of us are overweight.
So somewhere out there amongst people who are overweight and need corrective eye care, you could surmise that about 7 out of 10 Americans are trying to focus and lead balanced lives.
Seems to me, and I may be a little biased here, that bowling a game or three is really an ideal way to practice focus.
It is even better for balancing one of our time zones – Family/Friend TZ
What do you think?
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