Super Bowl or Super Bowling?

This past Sunday, the NY Giants won the Superbowl.  For many of us, it was a happy time and for others not so much. Still others just didn’t care.

No matter what side of the game you came out on, and if you watched it, you were among 111.7 million viewers who, in an average quarter hour, watched the Superbowl (that’s how Nielsen measures “eyeballs”).  At its peak, between 930pm and 945pm, viewership spiked to 117 million people.

For an advertiser, who paid $3.5 million dollars for one 30 second spot; that advertiser got a lot of bang for his buck.  In ad terms, his cost per thousand viewers was about $31.81 per thousand or .0318 cents (3.18 cents) per set of eyeballs. Direct mail is more expensive.  In many instances, Google ad words are more expensive.  Facebook ads are more expensive and even radio and local cable TV can be more expensive.

So why isn’t bowling advertising on the Superbowl?  Not only would we get the exposure, but think about all the PR and all those package goods companies that would see bowling as promotional partners, sponsors and as venues for their next commercial(s).

Supposedly, we are a $4 BILLION dollar industry at retail; lets even cut that to $3.5 BILLION.  If we spent $3.5 million that’s about ONE TENTH OF ONE PERCENT OF TOTAL INCOME at retail.

Can you imagine 111 million Americans being told to go bowling after the game? OK, OK, before you tell me why it can’t be done… just sit back and think about it.

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  1. I agree! I won't it can't be done, I believe it could. Imagine if centers all over the u.s. came together to make and pay for that one commercial.

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