The Ditch

A very wise Joe Schumacker once told me-and displayed it very graphically-that over the years regardless of the region of the country, “May is The Ditch”. Its when bowling really tanks.  Since then, some people have reminded me that June isn’t that much better.
“Great” I say, “what are you doing about it?’  
More often than not, center operators do several things:
1.    Cut operating hours
2.    Scale back on any advertising
3.    Reduce restaurant and bar hours
3.    Cut payroll
4.    Go to the bank and borrow summer money

Because this is what has always been done!
Instead, why not try something different?

If you’re already in the Kids Bowl Free program, than promote it and get as many people to come into the center as possible.

Here are two suggestions for May and June:
1.   Set up a sales station in center with banners, posters, fliers, balloons and information about 8 week short season fun bowling programs, selling adult child or just child programs where everyone gets a new bowling ball.  Man or “woman” that sales station with you best employee who likes people and has a real passion for getting kids and adults to bowl.
2.   Give away parties to companies in May and June. Yes, give them away. The more people that come in, the more names you get the more food you sell and the more alcohol sales you make. More importantly, you set up selling situations to get these companies to bowl every other week, once a month or schedule quarterly bowling parties.

For those of you adverse to “Freemiums” as I call it, imagine if you had a fruit stand and you were giving away real samples that cost you hard dollars. When you give away a bowling game, you give away a product with a low, low cost for a potentially high return. Whats the lifetime value of a league bowler?  Over $5,000!!!
Or you can do as you always did…and get what you have always gotten. 
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