Did Yankee Doodle Think Of This?

I just watched the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks display. Live from NYC.  Wow, what a great show.
Today we celebrated Independence Day, though with so many different versions of America, it’s hard to see how we are alike in anyway.  This is characteristically American.  We have always been different. We’re from different places around the world, speak different languages and of course we all look differently.
The rights and beliefs we have are unique; sometimes we are divided on nearly all the elements of our constitution; on our beliefs about the Federal Government’s role in our lives as well as what role the state and local municipalities should or shouldn’t have in our lives.
The history of America is not just a story; but rather it is a dialogue – ongoing and usually peaceful, but a dialogue nevertheless. We debate, discuss, dissect, critique and demonstrate our ideas, beliefs and values to anyone who wants to listen.  After all, there is “nobody like me.”
Our political classifications can be labeled either as Independents, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, Centrists, Radicals, Reactionaries or Anarchists…and many more I am sure.
One thing is for certain, we have never been more different than at any time in our history.  And thus it is harder than ever to pin us down into unique segments; given so many smaller segments.
Maybe we have to start looking at those smaller segments as potential targets for our products.

Instead of trying to be pretty good to a whole lot of people, maybe we should just try to be great to fewer people.

Choosing a promotional offer is easy. 
Finding like minded individuals who our offer will resonate with – ah, that’s the hard part.
Happy 4thof July..everyone!!
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