Boom, Here’s Your New Customer

Zig Ziglar, the world’s greatest salesman tells the story about traveling on a plane and sitting next to a “good ole boy.” He noticed that the man had his wedding ring on the wrong finger. Zig, always conversational, turned to the man and said, “Excuse me friend, but I noticed that you wear your wedding ring on the wrong finger.  Why do you do that?  The man looked over at Zig and said, “Yeah, I married the wrong woman!!”

This may be funny to some, but it is really sad.
As sad as going after people who have no interest in buying your product.
But there is a segment out there that could have a BIG interest in buying your product.  
For example:
·         They account for 49% of all sales
·         Over 50% are on Facebook
·         There are more of them than the entire population of the UK
Follow this link to get a great picture of who is this customer.
They could be the right customer you marry. 
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