Sleepy’s Is Cool

“Cool” is a state of mind, a way of expressing oneself that shows confidence, style and to some degree a bit of glamour.
It is the stoic or unemotional response to the thorniest question; it is never letting the other guy see you sweat or run for cover.
It is being able to prevail in the most daunting situation and never get ruffled. It is being able to live by your values, your rules, not by someone else’s values and rules, and prosper.
More importantly, it is an attribute that many marketers covet to associate with their brand, especially if they are targeting those segments that value “cool” over anything else.
“Sleepy’s,” a sleepy old mattress company just rolled out a new TV campaign about “a good night’s sleep”, the obvious end result of a great mattress and what everybody wants, but instead of just showing the product and having people say what a great night sleep they got on a Sleepy’s mattress, they did something different.

They moved away from the mundane and expected and into the unexpected and showed people running, playing tennis, riding a bike, running for a plane and doing a bunch of ACTIVITIES, all the while talking about how getting a good night’s sleep on a Sleepy’s mattress makes everyday tasks effortless.  
The implied promise (fulfilled only by buying the product) is you will be more energetic, happier, productive and thus “cooler” if you buy a mattress ONLY from Sleepy’s.    

Brilliant.                                                                                                                                                       They will sell bunch of mattresses to NEW customers and bring existing customers back. The digital marketing dudes will now Facebook, email, Pinterest and you tube their list to mine for the best prospects, using the umbrella of the TV spot as the lynch pin that holds it all together.                                                          

Segway to bowling.                                                                                                                                           Where is your TV spot?  Or your four color magazine ad in the city paper or local magazine?  Did you know you can buy a local ad in many national publications and on their national on line sites?  (It’s called Where is your brand identity?
Where is your “cool?” 
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  1. I read your post. It’s very simple and informatics. Thank you for sharing.

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