With three days to go, I am hearing some positive or quasi positive things from centers about league floorings. Seems that the people who jumped on the old “bring a friend band wagon” are finding out (AGAIN) that league bowlers”
1.     Like to bowl with their friends
2.    Will ask their friends to bowl if you ask them to ask
3.    Appreciate the rewards you give them for bringing a friend

For those who didn’t want to give away a free party or free bowling or (GFB), free shoe rentals, you missed an opportunity to get a $300 to $600 customer.

Why did you do that? 
Did you fear you were going to give up some real dollars, especially if it rained? Did you not see the upside to this strategy because it would “cost money?” Did your old school mind set just get in the way of “freemium” marketing?
There are people out there who believe that the “freemiums” are the ONLY way to build relationships with people which in today’s world is the only way to lead to a sale. 
In the prehistoric B.I. days (Before Internet) we called these “free samples.”  You could see people on the street corners handing out sample cigarette packs, shampoos, hand wipes and all sorts of goodies.  This was done in an effort to get the consumer to try a new product so that he or she would switch from the current brand they were using.
Today we do our sampling over the Internet. Almost every website worth its salt will send you a free book or free white paper or free ‘trial” subscription about a subject it wants to sell you in an effort to convince you that they are:
1.     Sincere in their efforts and wants to gain your trust
2.    Only Interested in your well being and growth
3.    Only want to sell you something so you will be successful
4.    Really just want to sell you something that they produce and continue selling you something FOREVER…
5.    These “internet marketing gurus have developed very successful computer programs that will create new and more exciting offers every X# of days depending on what action or inaction you have taken, until you buy. Or until you scream “no mas.”
Yet so many of us on the bowling proprietor side of the world can’t make the switch to this new “freemium marketing.”  These folks say it devalues bowling.

Giving away your product doesn’t devalue it. Getting more people to try bowling (AGAIN) doesn’t devalue the game. Selling it for 99 cents all summer DOES devalue it.
Having less and less new people try your product only does one thing…causes your businesses’ expiration date to come up more quickly.
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