The Story of The Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy is a heartbeat away from hitting NYC; a heartbeat away from making fools out of the people who have chosen to stay in areas that have been identified as “mandatory evacuation areas.”
Is it the spirit of the hearty individual or is it pure ego that people think they can survive anything?  Haven’t they learned from Katrina and other disasters?  Didn’t the Tsunami teach them anything?
Obviously not. 
A good friend of mine lives on one of the barrier islands off the coast and he is refusing to leave; even though he is in grave danger; apparently he doesn’t think so.  In fact, he is planning a hurricane party.  I can’t talk him out. I have tried. He says, “ I’m not leaving the castle.”
Strong positions create strong emotions. 
So do brands. Brands like Apple, Microsoft, Pepsi, McDonalds; Chevy, etc create strong emotions.
How about your brand, your bowling center, your mini golf course or family entertainment center? 
Does it create a strong emotion and if not how can your business create a strong emotion?
By being more human.  By being involved in your community.  By giving back to your city.  By creating value.
And most importantly by telling the truth.
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