What Are You Doing Now?

1.     Catching your breath?
2.    Thinking about thanksgiving promotions
3.    Working on company holiday parties?
4.    Thinking about fundraisers?   
5.    Paying back summer loans?
6.    Getting your staff in shape?
All good activities, but not farsighted enough.
Need to start looking at the most important flooring season of the year (January and February) and the most influential.
The January time period is kind of a lull between baseball and football. Basketball is running and probably Hockey will be up, but for the most part, we have less competition than in any other time periods and more advantages.

1.     For most of the country, fewer people are taking advantage of outdoor activities.
2.    People are tired of being home so much; they NEED to get out.
3.    More rain and snow force people indoors to find fun.
4.    After the holidays, a kind of post holiday blues set in and we can be the activity that breaks through the customers’ “blues.”
5.    Kids don’t have many options. No football, no soccer and maybe a little basketball. Maybe some indoor soccer, but still more kids with less options.
With this being said, NOW is the time to start developing your January league programs.
Here is a 10 point checklist for summer planning

1.     What are your goals for
a.    League lineage
2.    What day parts are available?
3.    What targets are available?
4.    What programs will match the day parts to the targets?
5.    What programs will be a set up for summer leagues?
6.    What programs will be two games or three games?
7.    What programs will be every week or every other week?
8.    How many new leagues do you feel comfortable trying to floor?
9.    When will you schedule your 1st staff meeting to discuss your plan?
10.  Lists of people to call back
a.    Last two years summer league bowlers
b.    Summer league dropouts
c.    Businesses you have had parties with in the past year
d.    Winter league dropouts
 Ok, break time is over.
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