The Wisdom of Tom Coughlin’s All In Philosophy

I woke up last night with a message in my head about “imagining the moment” and then something about “turning the moment into action”.  I get these messages now and then from some part of my brain that has lain dormant all these years only to be stimulated just enough to send me a message.
Weird?  You bethca!
In following up with clients, I sometimes find that they are stuck. Yes, stuck. Sure they know what to do. They know what they are supposed to do. They know how to do it. They even know how to make sure it gets done right.  But they just don’t do it.
Perhaps it is because they haven’t had many wins lately or maybe it is because they feel that the bowling Gods have not been kind to them. Or perhaps they feel a sense of deep frustration, or worse, a sense of futility.  Is it because they have been counting on someone else o help them out?  Or they think that the best strategy to have is “hope?”
Well I am here to tell you: only you can help yourself.

Don’t count on any big brother association, manufacturer or sponsor to do it all for you.  It’s your ball game to win or lose.
This is a beautiful, wonderful industry with many cool people who have overcome adversity and risen out of the ashes to become successful. Learn from them. Learn from other industries and their leaders. Learn all you can about contemporary marketing methods. Read all the books you can. Attend all the courses you can.  Never ever stop learning and never stop doing.

Because as an old friend once told me when you are stuck and just not “getting to the issues”, then the only thing to do is to do something.  I don’t care if it’s reorganizing the office. I don’t care if you take up yoga or want to become a sheep herder or lose 15 pounds.
Just do something that you can see a result. Then do something else.  And then something else. Until you get back into the habit of doing something at your maximum potential. Not half baked. Not half heartedly. Not half assed. But as Tom Coughlin said, the coach of the Super Bowl wining NY Giants – “ALL IN.”  Its not enough to show up, do your job and go home. 
You have to be ALL IN, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. And you have to have people around you who are ALL IN also.
Because if you’re not ALL IN, you will never know how damn good you really are!  
And wouldn’t that be a shame to wake up one day and say “I coulda been somebody.”

P.S.   My friend, who lived on the island and refused to leave, right before the hurricane,  finally came to his senses and did leave. His hurricane party came to a sudden end;  packing and leaving with his family just in time before the wall of water hit his house.  He was one of the lucky ones. His house was completely flooded, 8 feet of water on the first floor.  His neighbors houses burned. 

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