88% of Web Searches Made From Mobile Phone

This article was sent to me by Greg Olson, Washington State Executive Director and I just had to share it with you

As a Washington state BOWLING CENTER owner you’ve probably noticed how attached your customers are to their mobile phones.

From texting at the dinner table to surfing the Internet, mobile phones are en-grained into our daily lives.

And the rise in mobile usage is projected to continue. With mobile web traffic set to increase 2600 percent in four years, BOWLING CENTER owners need to consider how a mobile world affects their business.

Consider this: 88 percent of all web searchesrelated to entertainment and dining are made from a mobile phone. Put simply, if you’re not adjusting to a mobile world, you’re behind.

This is especially true for BOWLING CENTERS and restaurant owners, as your customers – more than any other industry – turn to their smart phones to connect with you. Customers use their mobile phones to read your offerings, find store hours and call you with a click of a button.

So, can your mobile customers view your webpage on a small screen?
Customers today expect websites to be mobile friendly and easy to navigate with their fingertips, without having to pinch and zoom. And with mobile browsing speeds getting faster, the desktop computer is no longer the access point to the Internet. Mobile websites are the new digital storefront.

When you make the move to go mobile, consider the following tips to make your site interactive for your potential customers:
  • What’s going on? Pricing, lane availability and menus should be accessible on a mobile phone. It should be a web page that is easy to scroll through rather than a downloadable PDF or a menu that requires specific software to preview.
  • X marks the spot. Your website should sync with mapping features such as Google Maps so that a user can find you in a search and get directions from their current location. Ninety-five percent of searches are for local businesses.
  • Make a reservation. If you offer an online reservation system, make sure it’s easy to use and find on a mobile phone. Your customers will appreciate the ease and convenience of using their mobile phones to make reservations.
  • Call with one click. It’s important to make it easy for mobile users to contact you. The goal is to turn a search into a reservation. And the simplest way to do this is to enable a “click to call” function on the mobile site. With just one click, patrons can call you from their mobile phones.
  • The lanes are open. Make sure customers can find your hours of operation so they can plan accordingly.
Building a mobile presence will help your BOWLING CENTER get more customers into your business.

Once your mobile site is up and running, in no time, your customers will be scrolling through your menu, call with one click and reserve a lane or seat in your restaurant from the palm of their hands.

It’s a mobile world, which is an advantage to restaurant owners (and bowling center owners) who see the opportunity to keep connected.

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