Internet Speak

Don’t you hate it when you send someone a really long message, like maybe two paragraphs and they respond with “K?”

Aren’t you sick and tired of Internet speak? When did before become “b4.” I thought we speak English,  not bingo!!  And twitter is the worst offender.

Sometimes I read tweets from athletes, movie stars, and other so called famous types. Good God, where did they learn this shorthand?

When did “Imwitcha” become shorthand for “I am with you?”

Finally, why is the world so crazy that losing your phone is more traumatic than losing your virginity?  Because in today’s world it is.  Last time I lost my phone I felt totally vulnerable, naked and afraid.  It was a terrible feeling.

Yes, the world has changed and so has the way we communicate.  Perhaps we have to learn a whole new Internet language, or worse learn how, to communicate like a 15 year old in order to be heard. Well if that is the case, then so be it!

Recently, a client in the southern part of the USA asked me to develop some emails for him. Writing is pretty easy for me; it’s a small talent I possess and since I couldn’t make it in the NBA, I thought to develop this skill, instead of my post move.

Instead of writing just a quick email blast answering what, who when and how much, I took the approach of telling stories about the holiday season, about the history of the holiday, when it started and what the symbols mean. I also threw in some funny stories as well as some dramatic stories.

The client wasn’t expecting this but as he began reading them I saw that “I got him”. He was REALLY interested to read it to the end and to the bowling offer.  More importantly, his wife loved them as did his staff and a few bowlers he showed them to.

Two actions resulted from this approach. 
1. More people came in with the coupon for the offer
2. He got a lot more activity to his site an d had people responding and telling stories as well

So here’s my message tonight:
If you don’t want people to turn off your emails or face book messages; tell a brief story that provides relevant information to emphasize your message.  Then invite comments and stories back.  You will be amazed how many people have something they want to tell the world.

And remember, you never really know how sharp your teeth are until you bite your tongue.

P.S.  I may not blog for a few days since I have a medical procedure to deal with, but hopefully will be back to it by Saturday and by then I should have lots of good stuff that my wired brain has picked up.

As we say in the new  world “CU”

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