The Gifts of The Season Just For You

Christmas Eve 2012: “…and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St Nicholas would soon be there.”

I love this poem by Clement Moore that was written in 1823 and is probably more responsible for our views of Santa Claus than anything else. I think it speaks to the hope that not only little children have, but adults as well, when it comes to  Santa Claus and, magically, getting presents.

I think we carry that hope through our our lives and, somehow no matter how bad things get or what happens today, tomorrow is a whole new day, and with it, the promise of gifts and presents.

So as you get ready to have an abbreviated business day today or whether you are closed tomorrow or open in the afternoon, pass along the joys of the season to your employees, customers, friends and family by giving them some special gifts.

Give them the gifts of:

  • Good health by encouraging exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyles – you can post this kind of stuff on your website and build stronger relationships with your customers or tweet your family and friends about everybody trying to stay as healthy as possible.
  • Staying positive even in some rough times; to not reflect on the “shoulda, woulda” stuff that just drags you down but to seek solutions, seek answers and never never give up.
  • Being the friend you would want to have and being the person that your friend comes to in all kinds of weather; whom you share the good times and bad times.
  • Being the “Boss” that “Ebeneezer Scrooge” becomes after the sees the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future
  • The opportunity to be creative; to find new solutions to old problems, new problems and even problems that haven’t happened yet, but may very well in the future. Encourage new ideas and reward people for that.  Kill the urge to say things like “we tried that and it didn’t work”, “that’s a crazy idea, wont work.”  and my all time favorite, “Are You nuts.”?
  • Understanding and wanting to help people; of realizing that its not about customer service but about exceeding customer expectations; about getting some happiness because they turned a frown into a smile and a tear into laughter

“..and so I am offering you this Christmas wish or kids from 1 to 92, although its been said many times many ways, Merry Christmas to you.”

Here’s our holiday video from us to you:

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