15 Ways to Get Your Customers to Refer Customers

Recent statistics show that 66% of all customers come thru referrals by existing customers, yet only 18% of all companies even have a referral program. 
Seems strange considering that we all know that it is more costly to get a new customer via traditional methods then via word of mouth. 
Moreover, we all have lots of existing customers; they are called league bowlers and while some are happier than others; almost all of them would be open to a referral program that offered them some kind of incentive.
So here’s a bunch of incentive ideas to get people to refer customers to you.

May not be what you expect, but then again, I hope this blog never is.

Refer a customer or get a team and get:  C = customer; T = Team
1.     $10 in Free in lottery tickets (C)
2.    A gift certificate for a new bowling ball  (T)
3.    Your Truck detailed (T)
4.    A $25 restaurant.com coupon (C)
5.    Your last week’s bowling fee FREE (C)
6.    A bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage (C or T).
o   Don’t distribute this from the center, buy it at retail.
7.    $50 in food purchases at the center (T or C)
8.    $50 Gift certificates to Best Buy, Target,  (T or C)
9.    $100 gift certificate for an airline flight (T)
10.  Free entry into any national or state tournament (C or T)
11.   $50 to $100 in free gasoline (T or C)
12.  Pay your cell phone bill for one month up to $100 (T)
13.  Pay your cable bill for one month up to $100 (T)
14.  Get bags of groceries up to $100 (T); $25 for a C
15.  Get your house cleaned (up to $100) for a (T)
Did I get you to thinking about a referral program?  I hope so.
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  1. Very good suggestions Freddy!!!!!

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