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Recent conversations with proprietors have unveiled a rash of price reductions on the bowling product, specifically late night open play after 9pm Sunday through Thursdays. 

Some centers offer various programs (price specials) every day. Others offer one program for all 5 days. Having too many programs makes it hard to support the communication of EVERY program.  Having one program, some proprietors say, becomes your price.  

I say so what?  It’s a price I have come to based upon what the market will bear.
Or is it?

Recent cranial rumblings, (as well as a heavy dosage of recent marketing articles), have led me to believe that most people shop for the lowest price because they simply don’t believe that the game is worth more than the cheapest price. Thus, they have “commoditized” us. “We’re all the same,” they say.
But the little marketing voice in the back of my head says, “Wait a minute.  People would pay more for what you delivered if they only believed that what they got was a bargain”
Would they?

Sure they would! Look at the FEC’s, the boutique centers, the hybrids. They made believers out of people that their product was worth more and thus charged more. (Never underestimate the value of a testimonial to prove your product is worth more)
So in the race to follow some of the big boys down the $7.99 for 2 hours of bowling trail, we may be forgetting that there are a lot of people out there, who want more; who want better…and who are willing to pay for it.
Don’t get trapped into following some other dude’s pricing strategy.  Build your brand. Build what you stand for and deliver more than people expect.
And for God’s sake, tell someone about it!!!

Stand on top of the building and scream, but don’t just  put a flier on the desk and send out a few emails.  
Moses couldn’t sell the 10 Commandments if that’s all he did!.
45% of our waking time is spent watching TV.  Connect the dots.
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