Here’s 9 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever

When you think of summer marketing, most proprietors first thought is to floor 13 to 17 week summer league bowlers and in typical fashion they offer what worked last summer, deduct what didn’t work and come up with a few new ideas.
After they get their leagues on the floor (sometime from late April to mid June, depending on their locale), they then begin to concentrate on some deeply discounted open play programs and hope it rains.
Now I know that sounds simplistic, but trust me, I have been in over a thousand centers in this country and that’s pretty much the way it goes. And that’s all there is until July when fall league start ups rears its head.
So in this blog, I am going to list nine (9) different strategies that you could implement over the summer; in fact you have at least 9 different strategies to choose from as a way to approach your summer business.
But before we get into the summer choices, have you examined and analyzed the last three years of your business, looked at the trends, seen what kinds of leagues, programs and offerings have been successful?  Do you have a real understanding of where your business is coming from? What segments? What time periods/day parts and what kinds of “consumer offers” are being accepted?
Secondly, in building any league schedule for the summer, do you have offerings for these key segments?
·         Competitive league bowlers
·         Social bowlers
·         Seniors
·         Adult child bowlers
·         Children
·         New bowlers (couples, adult/child, seniors, children)
If you don’t have an offering that is relevant for each of these segments, then you have no chance of getting them to bowl.
Now with that being said, here are nine different ways to build summer leagues:

#1 Traditional 12 to 16 week summer season
#2 Traditional and short season leagues only
#3 Short season leagues only
#4 Traditional and short season leagues plus corporate parties
#5 Traditional league offerings and corporate parties
#6 Short season leagues and corporate parties
#7 Only corporate parties and fund raisers
#8 Open play only (walkina nd organized)
#9 Open play and corporate parties/fund raisers

I can categorically tell you that I have seen each of these strategies work in various centers over the course of many centers. Your challenge is to decide which of these strategies fits your market the bestand which will create the most revenue

Therefore you must answer these types of questions before deciding what strategy to pursue:
·         What is your competition offering?
·         What other summer activities are you competing with and of these which ones can you partner with to create a great consumer offer (i.e. Six Flags, Water parks, Casinos, etc)
·         How many companies are in your area and do you have a sales effort that can be geared up?
·         Do you have a data base to reach non league people with short season programs?
·         Do you have a commercial data base of fund raising organizations, religious groups and fraternal groups?
·         Who is going to do the various tasks to implement these programs and how will you monitor their  progress?
·         How much will you spend to reach these various segments and what is your anticipated return?
Or you can do what you did last year and pray for more rain? 

Please let me know if I can help.                                                                                                                    You can reach me at 516 359 4874 or email me at
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