Commodity vs. Creativity

I have heard some people say that the bowling industry is now a commodity business and as such are treating it that way by marketing their business on “a price only” strategy. 
One guy is even selling bowling at 93 cents. Why? Because his competitor is at 99 cents?   Is someone going to actually bowl in that center to save 6 cents?  Really?
This rush to lower pricing is not a long term solution to staying in business. Oh, you can get away with it for a short while, but ultimately you will be attracting customers that do nothing to feed your league bowler base and just may make your center a less desirable destination in your community’s eyes.
Isn’t anybody thinking about the bowler experience and what you can do to differentiate that experience from some other competitor? Isn’t anyone thinking about a creative experience that is less price sensitive and more “fun oriented?  Or maybe it’s just too much work?

Some of my clients are doing things like:
·         Creating a cupcake and bowling experience…and filling their center by the way.
·         Other centers are holding sweepstakes so every time you bowl you have a chance to win a valuable prize, gift certificate, t shirt or bowling ball, charging higher prices and getting it.
·         Another client is holding band night every Saturday night and where “lights n strikes” used to generate 40 or 50 people, he is now generating 100 to 120 people who are eating and drinking as well.
You can go down the commodity path and hold on for dear life or you can choose to be creative, work on the bowling experience, communicate your differences and have a bright future or you can sell apples just like the other guy’s apples.
I know what I would do and am doing.
What are you going to do?
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