Fred’s 5 Step Approach to Getting More Customers

If you really want to figure out what to do to motivate someone to buy bowling, read about “Fred’s 5 Step Approach to Getting More Customers.” 
This is a much abbreviated version, since what we do for our clients is a lot more elaborate than this, involves more testing,  reconfiguration and  tweaking copy points and headlines… but it is the essence of what we do.
Step One: Decide Who It Is You Are Talking To and What You Want Them To Do?

1.      Someone who hasn’t bowled in 5 years or more
2.      Someone who bowls maybe once or twice a year
3.      Someone who bowls 3 + times a year
4.      Someone who “usta bowl” at your center last year or two years ago in a league
5.      Any other segments you might be able to define?
6.      NOTE: decide on age, gender, when they prefer to bowl and what they have bought in the past and if 
      what you will be offering them is in line with their values and beliefs.

Step Two: Decide What Is Pleasurable About the Bowling Experience (to the person you will be talking to?)

1.      Can be with friends and family, we can talk – not like a movie
2.      Affordable fun with kids, friends, whom ever –
3.      Good for a weekend date
4.      Something different to do
5.      Music n bowling is cool. Sound system is awesome and they play MY requests
6.      Great for kids birthdays – easy to do and not very expensive; doesn’t mess up my house
7.      Company parties – if food is good and service is good and place isn’t a throwback to old bowling alley
8.      I like the friendly competition
9.      Like to compete against my best score
10. Would be more fun with more people – a bigger group of like 8 to 10 people
11. Food is better than expected – actually better than a “Friday’s
12. Not weather dependent, can do it rain or shine
13. Makes me smile to see my kids having so much fun

Step Three:  Decide What Is Painful About Bowling (to the person you will be talking to?)
1.      People curse and swear near my kids
2.      People not like me, they’re rednecks and rowdy
3.      Place is always filthy and bathrooms look like a toxic waste dump
4.      Food just sucks and is over priced
5.      Drinks are expensive and watered down
6.      Nobody on the staff seems happy; why would I want to go there?
7.      The whole experience is too expensive and I have other choices than going there
8.      Bowling balls and shoes are old and trashy; I hate wearing someone else’s bowling shoes and if they’re 
      OK  why do they disinfect them?
9.      Music system and light system is a “D.” My Walkman works better than their sound system
10.  Not in a safe part of town anymore
11.  Nobody I know bowls
12.  Can only bowl after 9pm on weekdays and that’s too late; have to get up early
13.  I’ll never get better at this and I don’t want to take lessons and buy a ball, shoes and all that stuff – I’m 
      just not good at it, so why should I do it?
Step Four: Write a Description of the Person You Are Going To Be Talking To

1.     What do they like (see list above). What do they dislike (see list above). How old are they?
      Where do they work? What kind of a car do they drive? Are they married, single, or divorced?  What
      other things do they do in their spare time? What foods do they like to eat? Would you be friends with
      them?  Would you let your kids play with their kids? Would you want to be friends with them?  What
      other activities do they do?
2.      Create an offer that this person could not resist because of WHO they are and what their likes and
      dislikes are and make the offer so strong that even you would take advantage of it.   There’s a lot of
      competition out there so you need to stand out.
3.      Create a sense of urgency within your offer; “only 10 spots left, “going soon”, “limited offer”
4.      Don’t forget that within your offer, you must have a headline that will snap my head around, an offer
      that is irresistible (either it diminishes their pain or enhances their pleasure), a guarantee that you will
      stand behind, a testimonial or two that supports your claim of what a great offer this is and how happy
      other people have been when they bought it.  Make sure that your graphic matches the audience and the
      offer. Or  is the graphic so off the wall that the potential customer will just have to stop and look.                                                                                          
Step Five:  Go Write The Direct Mail, Flyer Or Email Using This Formula. 
1.    If you send me your “homework” I will critique the “homework” for the first 25 people who 
    send me their finished product (Absolutely FREE) and provide you with feedback.
2.      Or you can just do what you have always been doing…I’ll be happy to critique that too! 🙂

About Fred Kaplowitz
Marketing is in my DNA. I love to solve problems and meet challenges head on and I have successfully produced results for hundreds of clients. I love what I do and love helping to make my clients more successful and happier. I am a husband and father, consultant, a coach, a teacher, a motivator, a copy- writer, and a speaker. I look forward to working with anyone searching for a proven methodology out of mediocrity. May I assist you in taking your business to the next level. Please call me now @ 516 359 4874 to review your business goals and strategies.

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