Get Ready. Now Its Gen Z

Born  in the mid 1990’s through 2010, about 45 million people make up this generation which is growing up in, has grown up in, the age of technology. 

Marketers fondly refer to them as “Digital Natives” because they  prefer communicating through social networks and instant messaging, and considers email “so yesterday.”  

However, they are not happy to receive text messages from companies unless they have given those companies specific permission to text them with information THEY want.

To these folks, the internet has always been there, WiFi is not a new phenomenon; neither is multi tasking.

They are the first generation to “eat” more media online than offline; 4 out of 5 of them multitask with an internet device while watching TV, actually with 1.5 internet devices according to the research. 

Oh yes and if you think TV is dead to these folks, 73% of them watch TV daily.

Thus, they expect to connect anytime, anywhere to anyone.  If you don’t offer these services in your establishment, they just won’t come as frequently…or maybe not at all.

To reach them and persuade then to buy your product all you need to do is be authentic and live up to their high expectations; sounds like what you have to do with EVERY customer, doesn’t it?)

Most importantly because they grew up with two way conversations, a one way sell job just won’t work.  You need to engage them and get them to participate with your business whether it be via sweepstakes, contests, dancing contests or karaoke.

One thing to remember, these Generation Z’ers make very little distinction between the real world and the virtual world.  For them they are one and the same.  

With their fragmented attention span and multi tasked communication applications, you as a marketer, must be consistently honest and remarkable.

What ways can you think of engaging (probably) your best night time open play customer?

Check out this chart. The communications they trust the most are those communications that are written on line reviews as well as natural search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Etc.) 

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