A Classic Customer Experience

While visiting my client today, one of the managers at one of the bowling centers in this chain told me a story about a customer that had  literally snapped my head around and had me exclaiming, “No way, no way, no way.”

Here is the story.
A woman and several children come in around 330pm or so on a weekday and ask about a special that starts at 7pm.  
The assistant manager very pleasantly told her that leagues will be forming soon and that the particular special she had in mind would not start until 7pm.
She seemed satisfied with that and said she would return. All very pleasant so far, right?
So she and her kids come back promptly at 7pm and she gets a lane, house balls, shoes and is ready to go.
Now here is where it gets good
When the group is finished bowling, it just so happens that the manager was behind the desk and he was preparing to cash the woman out, when she piped up and said…
“Ya know I was here at 330pm and because the special didn’t start until 7pm, I had to take the kids out to eat and that cost me $30 bucks. I THINK YOU SHOULD TAKE THAT OFF MY BOWLING BILL!!”
The manager was totally unprepared for this, but after composing himself, said in a most professional way, 
“Madam, I understand how you feel, but it was your choice to take your group out to eat, not mine, so I really can’t take your food costs off of your bowling bill. I hope you understand.”
The woman paid the FULL bill and left.  I wonder if she will come back or if the center really wants her and her group back. 

What do you think?
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1 Comment on A Classic Customer Experience

  1. I think it is outrageous that the woman even brought this up. This is a by-product of marketing by price, and the couponing craze in America, not to mention the 'entitlement mentality' exhibited by this type of customer.

    Should the manager maybe taken something off of the bill? Maybe. Could the manager have honored the special at 3:30pm? Maybe, too.

    But then, why have rules? Why hold anyone accountable for doing any kind of research or learning, or even paying attention?

    The customer should then just pay whatever they feel, whenever they feel.

    Then, when businesses close because they can't stay profitable, we can all just sit back and remember the fond times of being in the bowling business.

    I ask you, Fred, to enlighten me on what you were fishing for here, because I just don't see where this was going. It was outrageous behavior on the part of the mother; maybe the Manager missed a 'bounceback' opportunity, too. I don't know.

    Customers that want everything and want to pay little to nothing bother me on a personal level (as if you couldn't tell by the tone of this reply, LOL). I struggle with this sometimes, so please teach, sir.


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