Eleven “Must Ask” Questions To Ask Every Exhibitor

10 days from back surgery, I am finally starting to wake up and not immediately reach for 20mg of Oxycodone. This pain pill has worked miracles for me, in getting me past the daily pain of “post surgical healing.”

I’m one of the lucky ones. I recently read about all these poor folks who have become addicted to Oxycodone and fell into its seductive grip.  One guy, a high school star QB, who married the high school cheerleader and was destined to live the American dream ended up trying to rob a ‘Brinks truck” to get enough money for his habit.  
When authorities finally caught up to him, he was taking almost 100 pills a day – twenty times more than normal dosage.  Talk about “really having a hold on you.”
So today as I climb back in the saddle and get to work, I thank all of you for your support and best wishes an am grateful for your prayers, thoughts, friendships and business.
Today is also the beginning of Bowl Expo, the first one I have missed in 36 years and it feels weird to not be there; whether it be putting on a seminar, manning a booth or telling everyone about our Kids Bowl Free Program.  If you haven’t joined yet, please be sure to visit our booth.
All of you will be visiting the exhibit area and looking at new and different product ideas and hi tech stuff.  AS you look at the products for consideration, here are some questions you should be asking, not only of the vendor, but of yourself?
1.     Who will this product appeal to, segments?
2.    What benefit or what problem will this product solve for the segment it is targeting?
3.    Is this an important segment for me?
4.    Does my competition have any of these new products?
a.    What will their reaction be, if I buy it?
b.    Will they follow?
c.    Will they ignore?
5.    Will this product increase new customers or only appeal to “exiting bowler customer?
6.    Will this product enable me to build an entire marketing program around it or incorporate it into an existing product (team building exercises, birthdays, corporate, etc.)
7.    Does the product have any field history?
a.    If it does, can you give me a reference I can talk with?
8.    What are warranties, guaranties, etc?
9.    Is this the kind of program whereby I can get an exclusive in a particular geographical area?
10.  What are payment terms and conditions?
11.    What do you project as the potential return on investment?
Please add your own questions to this list and use a quantitative measurement here applicable
Have a Great Bowl Expo and please share some of the more exciting things you see out there.  Thanks
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