Knock, Knock. Anyone Home?

* As the bowling industry slows down for its customary all star break (Bowl Expo into July 4th), I notice that other sports are having much more troubling times. 
* Baseball is again wrapped up in yet another steroid scandal.

* Football is enveloped in more than 37 player arrests for everything from domestic. abuse to outright murder since the beginning of the year.
* And the great worldwide sport, “Soccer,” has had it share of soccer riots, attempted murders and 
downright scandals.  Yet people go.

 * Even Little League and junior soccer are not exempt from attempted felonies. 
* Basketball too has also had its share of player arrests. for domestic abuse, disorderly conduct and 
untold number of DWI’s
Yet will people stop coming to see their games?  In some instances; because of poor team performance, probably yes, but as for player arrests and drug scandals, they will still come.  Maybe they are willing to forgive their athletes for some minor “boys will be boys” activities, but as the severity of the crimes increase, I believe that the forgiveness will levels will begin to DECREASE.
But have someone scratch your car in a bowling center lot, and not only will you be up in the manager’s face, you just won’t come to that center anymore.
I guess because its personal, that’s why.
So as a marketing guy, maybe we can do a switch here and show America what a great all American sport we have…while never ever mentioning ANYTHING about any other sport.  The timing would be perfect
Maybe we can place some pictures of our PBA stars in the center or on  local TV and have people get acquainted with the men and women who bowl professionally and rarely if ever get into anything more raucous than having a few extra beers after closing. 
Maybe we can provide  a schedule for proprietors to send out a series of emails, Facebook posts and Twitter posts.
Maybe we can show these athletes bowling in events that raise money for local communities and local charities or even national events and charities.

Why are we again on the sideline not taking advantage of a marketing opportunity that would reinforce to the Moms and Dads in America that we do have athletes that are good role models, that can be emulated and that the bowling center is an all American family place where they can feel happy and safe?
Hello, is there any one home in a position of authority who can get out in front of this and get some great publicity for a great all American sport?  
When America is now looking at “their hero athletes” in major sports and calling them “thugs and gangsters” are you telling me we don’t have the resources to create an all American in center poster campaign and local PR campaigns for proprietors to implement or maybe even for the PBA to initiate?
 Knock, knock. Anybody home?
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