Are You Ignoring Certain Market Segments?

In the city where I live, just outside of NYC, I am pleased to notice a cornucopia of different races, ethnic groups and nationalities. The friends that we have made, many who are “new immigrants” bring unique perspectives to our conversations, whether about sports, politics economics or other subjects.

So I wondered just how these groups affect our bowling and entertainment businesses.

After doing some research, I noted that the US Census reports of 2012 indicated that there are 53 million Hispanics and 42 million “African Americans”, add in another 13 million Asian people and you have about 103 million “non white” Americans.  No doubt there are many other nationalities that live here, but these three main groups represent 33% (1 out of 3 of all Americans (319 million).

My conclusion is that if you own a bowling center, there is a pretty good chance that your market area includes members of these ethnic groups.

And I’m sitting here scratching my head why I haven’t gotten ONE question about how to market o these folks?  Are you ignoring them? Are you concerned about your market mix? Or do you just not know how to motivate them to go bowling.

It’s probably all of the above.  Just like your existing customers, ethnic groups have the same physiological and psychological needs, but thank goodness they have their own ways of expressing their identity.

Rule #1. Don’t talk at them.  Learn their preferences, their “cultural nuances, food tastes, and what they do in their spare time.

Rule #2. Find key leaders in the groups whether it be religious, business or political figures. Ask them for advice.  Ask them about their constituency and what they think would get them to bowl.

Rule #3.   Never forget the power of the free game or of two free games and the opportunity to get people into your center and, oh, make sure that you print your free game cards in at least two or even three languages. and your signage should also be “culturally” appropriate.  In California, where “Whites” are in a slight minority, many California proprietors have, for years, learned and practiced Hispanic and Asian marketing.

Rule #4.  Do not close your eyes to these groups or ignore them.  In many states they are the fastest growing segments and will portend the future of your business.

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