“One New Essential Business Strategy You Must Have”.

I heard Payton Manning, the Quarterback for the Denver Broncos being interviewed the other day by a reporter who asked what he attributed to his success.  His response was …”just be as consistent as possible.”

But what he didn’t say was that in order to be consistent, you have to also be constant, and constantly always trying to improve, especially if you are planning to be aggressively marketing your business.
that occur seasonally.  All of a sudden the smell of fireplace wood makes us feel a certain way, while brisk mornings and Sunday Football create other feelings that we dont necessarily feel in the summer.   As we begin to move into yet another seasonal change, these consumer likes and dislikes (almost like a seasonal mood swing) very often give reason and rationale to building your business with new customers relatively inexpensively.  When this is built and and becomes an on going marketing activity for your center, you will find this to be very profitable.
And If you think about the holiday season, most consumer studies attribute these “mass mood changes to such factors as climate, religion, thanksgiving, newness, hope, charity. Good will to men and all that…a merry glow for all. A feeling of optimism

And while the past few years have been difficult for many people, the richest 5% got a whole lot richer. That’s about 11 million adults over the age of 18.  This is your target; a much more sophisticated segment and can smell BS in a heartbeat. 

They dont want fluff; rather being honest about what you offer and having their interest in mind is equally as important as a good value is to them…if not more so.

They are NOT looking for cheap, they want to buy and expect nothing less than your business exceeding their expectations. If you cannot deliver this kind of experience, then this blog was a waste of your time. Sorry about that.
If there are fewer customers, I want
·         the customer that has more discretionary income.
·         the customer who has more potential for referrals and for repeat sales in other categories such as adult child and couples programs
·         the customer who lives in higher end  neighborhoods will be the first segment I would test various offers…or high earner households.
My second segment, in order of preference would be the corporate customer.  In order to be as efficient as possible, I would then look at what type of company or business categories exist and ask, “Are there variables in these segments that are so unique as to be maximized to the seller’s (that’s us) advantage.
I would probably test a very upscale invitation vs. a premium in a box (or lumpy mail)to the business contact and then follow up with phone calls, just as soon as they open your email and get a fax about 15 minutes later.  I might even drop off a bowling pin, if the spirit moves me

Real simple, Here’s the summary.
Plan for big ticket buyers?  Make sure you absolutely know what the “big ticket buyer thinks she is REALLY Buying. Close the sale and make a friend with these customers.  Send them thank you notes, special invitations for events. Donate to their charities.  Go to their dinners.  You will have customers for life.
And what’s that worth to you?
Imagine if you added 5 new customers like that every year? Customers who would spend far, far more than a typical customer  per special event, holiday, fund raiser or company meeting.

Its just a little more effort on your behalf and I would be happy to demonstrate that for you.
Please give me a jingle if i can answer any questions about this…absolutely FREE


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