Billy Joel Knows Bowling

You have been doing all the right things, but new people aren’t buying from you. It’s not your price. It’s not your service (because new people haven’t haven’t seen it before). It’s not even the reliability of your lanes or machines.  Nor is it the taste of your pizza, burger or fries. 
Nope it’s not any of those things.
They just don’t know you or your business or how your existing customers feel about your business. They don’t know how active you are in the community; what charities you support or even what civic activities you are passionate about.
So it comes down to what Billy Joel sings about: “It’s Always Been A Matter Of Trust.”

Because if they don’t know you, how can they trust you?
Here’s some examples of how you can start earning NEW customers’ trust:

–  Sending press releases out to relevant websites (;, school teachers, etc) about your fund raising activities along with a testimonial or two.

– Getting involved in a local civic activity and get interviewed by the local radio station or newspaper.

– Working with the local schools on a project that is near and dear to theirheart and telling people what you are doing or have achieved on behalf of  “this cause.”

– Visiting the Rotary Club, Knights Of Columbus, Chamber of Commerce and other civic organizations  and  telling them you would be happy to host their next meeting, business card exchange or get involved in “their cause.”

– If you host high school bowling at your center, shouldn’t the community know about it; know how       bowling centers get involved with scholarships (see Gran Prix).
By aligning yourself with local issues that affect your village, town, or city, you let people know that you care and that care translates to trust…and that translates to new customers making your cash register ring.
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