They Don’t Know They Are Not Supposed To Bowl In The Summer.

Yesterday I presented my thoughts on summer league bowling to a group of proprietors in the cold northeast tundra, I heard a lot about weather, cold and closings. Some centers were closed 4 to 5 days since the beginning of the year and that included a Saturday here and there.
I suspect that this summer, with the predictions of an El Nino, will be a more difficult challenge due to the fact that people have been cooped up all winter and want to be outside even more. Eventually the El Nino weather will bring them inside for some “cool” summer fun.
And that’s why it will be more important than ever to have league programs, available as short season (8 sessions or less) offerings in June and July. Just because you put your first wave of league bowlers on the floor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try for a 2nd and 3rd wave that appeals more to open play bowlers, beginners and adult child leagues.
If you time it right these leagues would end just before the fall season starts and you would have a better chance of “rolling’ them into a fall program.
It’s a little thing to remember, but if you get some equipment into these newbies’ hands, your odds increase dramatically of getting them to bowl in the fall.
Remember, there are a lot of people out there, about 250 million to be exact who didn’t bowl last year PLUS about 65 million open play bowlers who “don’t know they are not supposed to bowl in the summer.”
How many can you corral?
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