6 Secrets To Boost Your Summer Revenue

If you are thinking about your summer league bowling plans; good for you. If you have your plans done; great.  If you haven’t started yet, well, good luck!

But no matter what state your plans are in, here are a couple of more ideas to kick your revenue bucket into a higher gear;

Here are a few tips to make your summer even better:

1.     Don’t rely on just one flooring cycle. Sure your winter leagues will end about the same time give or take a week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have programs in late June mid July and even early August.
2.     Establish programs for people who don’t know they are not supposed to bowl in the summer; whether it be church fund raising leagues for 6 or 8 weeks, or any fund raising organization, you will build some revenue and get some people interested in your other programs you have to offer.
3.     Make belie it is October and go after companies for indoor picnics where you never get rained out, where you never have ants or mosquitoes and no one gets heat stroke.  If you are diligent in this fashion, it could be your biggest winner ever.
4.     Set up 8 for 8 programs every month, May, June, July and August and place them so they can carry over to the fall in time slots you will know you have open.  BY always having an 8 for 8 program available, you always have a portal to entry and let people know that there ARE lanes available at your center…always.
5.     Start a KBF league; two games but you get the same kids there on specific days and can start informally coaching them and maybe get them into an 8 week for 8 bucks have a ball program.  Add food and drink specials and even a fun two game tournament or two with kids on certain days. Play your cosmic bowling and give away fun prizes that you can buy at Rebecca’s for 10 cents each. 
6.     Beat the doors down for fund raisers. You have plenty of lane availability and lots of people who are raising money.  Go get a list of nonprofit groups and start emailing, mailing and calling them NOW. start with your local chamber of commerce, Kiwanis, Moose, Eagles and K of C clubs.
I’m not saying this stuff easy, but if it was, everybody would do it!

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