What The Balloon Man Taught Me About Social Media Marketing

There’s a way to use social media and a way not to use social media. I have spoken of this subject many times imploring everyone not to turn your Facebook into a substitute for a flier.
And while I am still getting many examples of this type of usage it thought I would really spell out, what I think is the best way to do it. so here is an example of what a social media campaign can do.
First, think campaign; think three or four emails over a period of 3 to 4 weeks that build up to the program you are trying to introduce. So here’s an example of 4 stages of emails
#1: The Tease:  “I was walking through Central Park today when I saw a man selling balloons. I hadn’t seen a balloon guy since I was a kid. But there he was. Selling balloons for a $1 each and he said, “If you buy two balloons, you’ll get the pretty red balloon for free.”  

(Insert picture of balloon man.  Which got me thinking?  What if I offered two hours of Cosmic Bowling at Happy Lanes to you guys this Saturday night, April 12th, and gave you the third hour free? Would you come?  Let me know.
#2: The Sale:  Guess what? I had a bunch of people show up at Happy lanes this past Friday night and they bowled for two hours and had so much fun, that they decided to stick around and bowl for free.  I was happy they stayed and since it was about 8 lanes of people or so, I made them all free pizzas and we just hung out listening to some 80’s music. It was kinda cool.  

Here’s a quick you tube clip of some of the Happy Lanes bowlers eating pizza and bowling for free?  (Insert video or still photos with names and some testimonials).  I think I’m going to keep this going, but let me know what you think, if I should add some other goodies
#3: The Reinforcement:  Hey, did you miss last Saturday night at Happy Lanes cosmic night.  It turned into a real party.  Lots of people came for the free third hour and during that hour someone had the idea that we should do a trivia contest. So for the third hour I spun some tunes and every song was a trivia song.  Everybody got into it and the big winner was Josie Samuels of East Warrensburgville. 
We gave her a $25 gift certificate for free bowling and a free pizza to take home for some late night munchies and  a free entry to Cosmic bowl any time she wants.  You should have seen her. (Insert picture or videos of Josie). She got so excited; she was jumping up and down. Catch this picture of our friend Josie
#4:  The Close:  Here’s what a couple of people have been saying about our Happy lane s cosmic night.  (insert quotes and pictures). Some of think I’m kinda funny for doing all of this stuff, but lots of people like it. In fact, I went looking for the Balloon man in central park to get him to give away a bunch of balloons at the center this Saturday.  
I paid him for all his balloons and every time someone got a strike we gave out a balloon, which immediately got popped, but hey, it was fun. We kept the third hour for free and decided that we could sell pizza for that third hour for just 99 cents a slice. My accountant went little nuts when I told him we were doing it for free, but ah heck, its bowling, it’s supposed to be fun. 

So this Saturday night (day and date) come for our super duper cosmic trivia, get a fee balloon and pizza for just $16 for two hours of rock em sock ‘em cosmic bowling and get the their hour free.  If I can think of anything else to do to make you laugh I will, but if you think of it first, let me know.
 And that’s a social media campaign for cosmic bowling. Now what can you think of for other programs.  You can always insert posts that people send you in between the different emails to keep the campaign alive.
But notice that I always utilized several key elements:
1.      I asked for feedback and ideas
2.      I posted pictures and videos and testimonials
3.      I never sold. I told a story
4.      I made it fun and light
5.      I engaged people and they gave me feedback and I posted it
Now, go find yourself a balloon man:)

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