But I Don’t Have Any New Ideas

Almost on a daily basis I get calls from proprietors asking me if I have any good ideas. And this time of the year, I get lots more inquiries.

I kind of laugh to myself and think, “C’mon you’re not asking me if I have any good ideas; you’re asking me if I have any new ideas that are so good that they are guaranteed to work.” 

 The reality is the caller wants something that wont fail because that would cost him money or erode his self esteem and that’s a bad thing, they think.

I think not. There is nothing wrong with failing. In fact I recommend you fail at least once a day so you have a BASIS from which to learn.

If you never fail, it means that you are never doing anything.

You see, pretty good ideas are easy to come up with. It’s the really great idea that takes blood sweat and tears and that’s what some of us are not willing to do; to stick it out; to refine; to test and make it work.

Yet its easier than ever to come up with that great idea. With so much information available in cyber land, all you have to do is start asking questions about how to solve your particular marketing problem and you’ll get clues or even cookie crumbs that will lead you to alternative solutions.

Years ago I took an advanced economics class with a dude named John Kenneth Galbraith who taught the Harvard case study method in how to solve problems and come up with new ideas/solutions. 

It sounds impressive, but was pretty simple. It went like this (in its much abbreviated version. of course).

Step 1. Define the problem so clearly that it is singularly focuses on just one element.

Step 2. Do enough research that you can come up with at least three idea solutions to solve that specific problem?

Step 3. Choose the solution you are most passionate about and present it to a group of No BS people in and out of the industry. Then prove why that particular is the best solution by comparing its advantages and disadvantages to the other two solutions.

See, you can develop new ideas.  But you’ll have to break a sweat too
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