The 7 Steps to Profiting from Company Holiday Parties

Raise your hand if you’re one of those last minute Louie types that JUST sent a mailer to companies in your area for Holiday parties.  Raise your hand if the telephone or email has not started to ring.  Raise your hand if you didn’t do anything.  .Ok, we understand…but help is on the way.
For all of you whose hands are still up, slap yourself once or twice and read these tips to gain business.
·        First of all, realize that December and part of January could add $25,000 to your cash registers if you did four (4) $1,000 parties every week over six and a half weeks.
·        Second, you can get to these parties if you have several tools such as: party menu, great cover letter and valid name and addresses of companies in the area.  Lacking these tools, you will need to invent the first two and buy the latter from your chamber of commerce or other mailing service. I have used with some success; others have been displeases.  It’s all in the way you approach it and follow up.
·        Third, once you send the information out, start calling back and INVITE THE RECIPIENT TO VISIT YOUR CENTER AND TAKE A TOUR.
·        Fourth, every day you should be posting on your Facebook page a little different story or poem or video or photos relating to the holiday season and NOT necessarily about your offer. You can mention that in the back end of the post. There are some great funny and informative videos on Youtube and great photos on Flickr (free) that you can use in your postings
·        Fifth, use your emails; one every 6 to 7 days to tell people about your little stories, your offer and any other “interesting stuff” about the holidays. Some topics you can consider are: The real story of Christmas; Who was St. Nicholas? My very special Christmas; Your center’s efforts to feed the homeless this Christmas; Your center’s Toys for Tots program.  Be creative and inform and entertain
·        Sixth, don’t forget your league bowler.  Give them coupons for Holiday parties they can give to their HR people for your center. Ask them who their HR person is and if you can call them and use them as a referral. 90% will say yes
o   You: “Hi This is Fred from Happy Lanes, may I speak to Ms. Manners
o   Them: Yes, and what is this in reference to?
o   You: Yes, Larry Morgan your first shift supervisor suggested that I call MS Manners
o   Them: OK, please hold for Ms. Manners
o   Now there is a chance that the gate keeper will push you to find out what it is about.  In that instance, just say “It is about a special event that Mr. Morgan wanted me to discuss personally with Ms. Manners. May I speak with her, please
o   That should do it
·        Seventh, as the days trickle down target companies having less than 50 employees.They are usually last minute Louies…kind of like some of you J

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