Will You Fear The Summer?

Lots of us have had pretty good winters, especially since we were going against last year’s snow days and very cold temps that kept people at home. But now we are faced with summer, a time we all know too well.

Many operators will go back to the drawing board and do the same old thing and get about the same number of league bowlers…or less.

Other operators will institute all new programs, rally the troops and put out tons of “sell, sell, and sell” of email and Facebook posts and get about the same number as last year…maybe more.

Yet there will be others that will examine the past and realize that it’s is a great time for exciting open play programs for kids, families, teens, young adults and even some 40+ types and will rally the alley to focus on these programs as well as have the leagues that are coming back.

And finally there will be some that will take what leagues they can, but really focus on company indoor picnics and fundraisers and do more income. And they will do it with an integrated digital footprint that brings synergy to their social media campaign as well as maybe bringing back some old school media as well.

“Why”, you may be saying, “will this strategy work?”                                                          

Because of one simple fact.
There are a lot more companies and fundraising organizations out there than there are summer league bowlers.  And they are looking for new ways to boost morale or do team building or raise money or rally the troops. A larger potential market always equals a bigger opportunity…if you have the right products.  And no doubt you probably do. Or if you do not, you can manufacture new ones just by asking some former corporate and find raising customers what they would want. Call them. It’s that easy.

So, what do you want to do this summer?

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