5 Facebook Mistakes That Make You Look Like a ROOKIE

by Scott Ayres

Everyone makes mistakes, right? This is especially true when it comes to Facebook. Some things just need to be avoided if you want to get the most out of your page. But even the most seasoned Facebook experts goof up from time to time — and some of these screw-ups are more common than others. So while there are hundreds of mistakes to avoid on Facebook, in this post I discuss 10 of the most common Facebook mistakes page managers make. If you can avoid these common Facebook mistakes, you’ll be on your way to managing your page like a pro.

5 Facebook Mistakes That Make You Look Like a ROOKIE

1 1. Inconsistent Posting Habits
I often hear page owners complain that their Facebook posts “don’t work” – I.e. the posts get no Likes, comments or shares. But many of these pages have no strategy for their Facebook marketing. If you post once on Monday & then not again until the next week, no wonder no one engages with your page! Don’t blame Facebook… blame yourself! Create a posting schedule that includes at least one update per day. Remember, if people don’t see your posts they will forget that you even exist.

22. Too Salesy
Your fans know your product is great — that’s why they Liked your Facebook page. But if every post is a sales pitch, fans are going to unlike your page very quickly!! Facebook is about building a community… not selling. Provide value & sales will follow. Your fans will not engage with your content if you post nothing but pitches. Some page managers follow the “80/20 rule”: 80% of the posts are informative or entertaining & 20% try to sell. I think 90/10 is a better way to go. The less you pitch the better… you’ll seem far less pushy to your fans.


3. Don’t Measure Results
How do you know what posts work if you never look at your “Facebook Insights?” Insights show you the ages of your fans, when they’re on Facebook, etc. You can also see whether photos, text updates or links work best on your page. And you don’t have to check your Insights every day — about once a month should work great in the beginning.



4. Crappy Branding
You get one chance to make a strong first impression, so you’d better get it right! The best ways to brand your Facebook page is to have powerful profile & cover images. It was common 4 years ago for page managers to post shoddy graphics with lots of marketing copy. Remember these long profile pics?! Yikes!
But those days are gone. Today, most brands post clean, high-quality profile & cover images. Using your logo as your profile picture is usually the best solution. For your cover image, use a powerful photograph or a graphic with your logo & very little text.Keep it simple!


55. Don’t Act Human
Facebook will always be about human interaction. The social network wasn’t built for businesses & marketers. Despite the ads you see on Facebook, the human element will always be key. This means you must try to respond to every comment, message & post from fans — and act human doing it! The worst thing you can do is leave the same pre-written reply for everyone on your page.

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