The Perfect Facebook Post – Part 1

Of all the social media outlets the 18 to 29 yr. olds prefer which one. By the widest of margins, they prefer Facebook. Nothing even comes close. Not Pinterest. Not Instagram and not Twitter to name just a few.

If you want to reach this key segment, you need to understand how to use Facebook. On Friday, I posted an article by Jeff Ayers, a leading authority in Facebook Marketing and the Mistakes You Can Avoid Looking Like a Rookie. I must admit, that, sometimes, I make the same mistakes. The number one mistake is not posting frequently enough or as we say in the biz, “not engaging with your Facebook contacts frequently.”

We know that you are busy. But maximizing your digital presence “is the air you breathe” and not doing this kind of deep breathing can cause deprivation of another sort: I.e. customers and revenue.

So here are a few more Facebook tips that I hope you will begin implementing as well as making these tips part of your internet marketing habits.

Right off the top, here’s what I have observed and concluded (thru research, trial and error and lots of educational seminars) as the five ingredients that go into a perfect Facebook post. I’ll dive into more detail on two of these further down in the article.

Documented research indicates that these 5 characteristics constitute a perfect Facebook post:

1. It contains a link
2. is brief—40 characters or fewer, if you can swing it
3. gets published at non-peak times
4. follows other posts on a regular schedule
5. timely and newsworthy

I will cover a few of these in more detail below.

1. Why A Link?

When we talk about a link, we talk about copying and pasting something you would want others to see or hear or view. Many of us talk about an open play special and then either copy and paste our flier into the post or just ramble on about it with a few mentions of the center.

Instead, what we should be doing is something like this. Here is an example from “The Muse” which I subscribe to:

The Muse
Because you shouldn’t always have to start from scratch.




27 Pre-Written Templates for Your Toughest Work Emails
These templates are about to make your work life so much easier.

In this example, the writer used less than 40 characters, used a link (THEMUSE.COM) and if you would click on it, it would take you to the page about 27 pre written templates.

In our case, we need to start thinking about people going to a “landing page”. So if we are promoting Pizza, Pins N Pepsi, we can say something like.

“Great family times are waiting for you at Happy Lanes. When the customer clicks on it, he or she would automatically go to a page inside of your website that displays a picture of a happy family bowling at the center or bowling, sharing pizza and laughing as well as the details, prices, times and dates of the PPP offer. Hopefully that page is hooked up to your “reservation software.”

2. Why 40 characters or less?

A Buddy Media study of 100 top posts on Facebook found that 40 characters or fewer receives the most engagement on average (it also happens that these ultra- short posts are the least frequent types of posts on Facebook).

Other studies have confirmed the “shorter is better” maxim. BlitzLocal studied 11,000 Facebook pages and found that engagement increased as posts got shorter. Track Social noticed the same effect in its study: So-called “tiny” posts of zero to 70 characters saw the most likes, comments, and responses.

Here’s an example



Please Stay Tuned. More Facebook Tips Coming at You Tomorrow.

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