Adding “Meaning” To Your Marketing

Businesses that work a traditional marketing campaign of planning, executing and analyzing results, learn from them and apply those lessons to an upcoming campaign are doing it wrong. All wrong.

Yes, the business has to plan and do all of the good things that make planning important in the first place, but at the same time, and even more importantly, they have to listen to their customers and then QUICKLY connect to them in relevant ways.

Today consumers talk about having a purpose driven life, a life not just devoted to making as much money as they can, but a life that has meaning and purpose and this drive may very well influence their choices of the businesses they choose to patronize.

So if you’re planning to build a campaign around whatever theme you have in mind, make sure that your campaign helps them to find a better meaning in life. It may sound like psycho-babble, but it is true enough when brands like SKYPE, Mountain Dew, Chipotle and many others have added this “meaningful” element to their marketing, their revenues increase not because they do it just to do it, but because they are passionate about making their products meaningful in people’s lives.

If you want proof, run a fund raiser for a local animal shelter and watch how many people participate in that event. Or do it for wounded veterans as part of the BVL fund, bowling’s only and oldest charity.  Have a weekend where you offer Pizza Pins N Pepsi and donate $XX for every one bought to BVL or to the local animal shelter or Homeless shelter.  If you promote it, you will have customers… regardless the season or the weather. I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

See for yourself what happens when you insert “meaning” in your products instead of “discounts and “JUST offers.”  Then sit back and watch how meaningful this becomes to customers.

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